lay down on the ground and found some dreams,

awind pass my face and tell me some secret.

he is a man and she is a girl , you two have fun

a lot . why me have nothing , why you two have

everything , i'm lose my mind , i'm lose me shoe

i'm lose my weight , i'm lose my face.

a wind pass my face and tell me some secret,

i'm lay down on the ground and found some dreams.

just say hi everyone i'm on samui

and the machine has not thai font.

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ว่าแต่ กลับมาเมื่อไหร่
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ho ho ho
#6 by ob1 At 2006-12-04 17:43,
why are u at samui and i am at the middle of nowhere ?
a wind once passed my face, i thought it told me a secret
but it was a lie after all.

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